IV Antibiotics

Medical conditions such as cellulitis, colitis, pneumonia, bacteremia, and abscesses can require IV antibiotics instead of oral antibiotics due to increased efficacy in the bloodstream or even possible resistance to oral antibiotics. Under medical guidance, certain IV antibiotics can be administered once daily.

How does it work?

IV antibiotic infusion gives you an uninterrupted dose of medication along with the ability to bypass the gastrointestinal tract. Additionally, some people require high doses of antibiotics that cannot be taken orally. IV antibiotics are the most effective way to directly receive treatments for infections in the lungs, bones and brain because they are delivered directly into the bloodstream allowing them to reach the infection site more quickly and efficiently which promotes a speedier healing time. According to the National Library of Medicine, IV administration may be used for other treatments including treatment for hormone deficiencies, chemotherapy, medicine for severe nausea resulting from chemotherapy treatments, or patient-controlled analgesia or PCA (pain).