IV Aesthetic Care

Naturally a well-balanced diet and regular exercise is essential to maintain good health, but unfortunately with the pressures of everyday living and the declining nutrient quality in some foods these days this is not always possible. IV Infusion Therapy provides high doses of vitamins, minerals and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, exceeding levels achieved by simple oral supplementation. Beauty care infusions, botox, dermal filters, chemical peels, and micro needling are options made available to our patients.

In addition to the total body health benefits of Glutathione, it can also do amazing things to your skin. When combined with Vitamin C in certain ratios it can improve actually skin pigmentation, minimize the appearance of age spots, and even prevent of future age spots.

IV infusions are a potent immune system booster. We offer a variety of treatments to aid in the recovery of illness, hangover relief, recuperating from jet lag and a general health boost. By injecting the vitamins directly into the blood stream your body can absorb the nutrients quickly and therefore help speed up the healing process and improve your cosmetic appearance.